The Celiac Saga is here to provide support and information and to ease the transition for newly diagnosed teens, as well as to create awareness for Celiac Disease. This network is a safe place for teens to learn about the lifestyle changes they must adapt to, and it is also a platform that helps to build a community composed of teens across the globe who are all battling the same issues.

Connections begin in the forum, where teens can search for other Celiacs and also exchange experiences and advice with one another. As the community grows, awareness and education grow as well with the influx of information. Teens can also give back to their Celiac communities by joining The Celiac Saga’s Sibling program or by helping to advocate for Celiac Disease.

The Celiac Saga was created in December 2015 by Valerie, a junior in high school at the time whose journey to a Celiac diagnosis spanned over nine years. Valerie’s mission is to do everything in her power to make sure that no one will have to wait as long as she did for a diagnosis, or struggle with lifestyle adaptations as much as she did after her diagnosis.