Gluten Free Spotlight – Cherbourg Bakery

The Cherbourg Bakery is located just outside of Columbus, Ohio and is a dedicated gluten free bakery that also is free from nuts and dyes. I was lucky enough to stop by on my recent journey back to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and it’s definitely worth the trip. The Cherbourg bakery offers an impressive selection of gluten free items and even includes more savory options like Strata, a dish similar to quiche or a breakfast casserole.


A square of the Cherbourg Bakery’s famous Strata



Not only were most of the employees I encountered gluten free themselves, but the owner, Geri, is a Celiac! Knowing that my food was being managed by someone who truly understood the effects of gluten contamination made me feel a thousand times safer and not at all hesitant to try everything out.




Fresh from the oven – chocolate glazed doughnuts!



For me, the most exciting part was the doughnuts. Most gluten-free doughnuts I’ve tried are more like cake rings rather than the fried and soft treats I used to eat. However, the Cherbourg Bakery’s doughnuts perfectly matched the texture of the treats I had been missing, but they were almost too pretty to eat!



The bakery is still experimenting with new menu items – including croissants, which I was lucky enough to try, and hopes to have even more options in the future. I left the bakery with boxes of goodies to take home since most of their items keep and freeze well. For Celiacs in Ohio or those planning to travel there soon, the Cherbourg bakery is a place that cannot be missed. But don’t worry if it’s too far – the bakery can ship most items domestically, too!


The Cherbourg Bakery’s impressive gluten free goodie display

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