Get Involved

There are many things you can do to help promote Celiac awareness, and here are some suggestions to get you on your path to advocacy.

Celiac Siblings Project 

The Celiac Siblings program pairs newly diagnosed Celiacs with Celiacs who have been diagnosed for over a year. Participants will be able to chose a number of factors, such as the geographical distance between their pair, their pair’s age, or their pair’s interests. This program will be gradually implemented as The Celiac Saga grows in size. If you are interested in joining this program please fill out this application.

Share Your Story

Help create awareness for Celiac Disease! Share your story with Valerie and you may see your story featured on TheCeliacSaga’s blog! Outside of the internet, reaching out to local schools or newspapers are great ways to create Celiac awareness. School newspapers are also a convenient, easy way to bring awareness to your school community.

Public Speaking

Speaking at local places, such as schools, community centers, etc. is a great way to share your store. Although public speaking isn’t for everyone, it can be a really helpful way to help convey messages and get others to understand your perspective. To see examples of Valerie’s public speaking endeavors, please visit The Celiac Saga’s YouTube page.